Walking the Raad Ny Foillan

If you were wondering whether to join us on the the Raad Ny Foillan Challenge – may I suggest spending a few minutes watching this delightful video – and you will be reaching for your pen – or your keyboard – to sign up.

Watch it first, and if you haven’t already entered, we’ll explain further down the page what to do:


The story behind the video was written by Mel Wright and can be read online, at IOMToday. Thanks to Dr Joel Rookwood for the video, the featured image and for generously donating the video to the Isle of Man for tourist promotion!

Back to the Raad Ny Foillan Challenge:

Unlike Joel and his brother, Barney, who walked around the Isle of Man over Easter weekend, we intend taking the journey more gently, enjoying just over a year completing the Challenge. Full details of our plans were outlined in this post.

The first leg, Eary Cushlin to Niarbyl takes place this Wednesday evening, 22 June, with details here and here and this is the entry form.

For the full Raad Ny Foillan Challenge, there are two entry forms, for individuals and families or for corporates.


Auction: There are some fine prizes to be won during supper at the Niarbyl Cafe on Wednesday evening – please make sure you come with wallets suitably primed!


Directions for the Eary Cushlin walk:
Take the Dalby Road from the Round Table. Its the A27, but although you may struggle to find this marked on the roadside, you will find it on Google maps if you past this link into your browser. Go past the now sadly heavily deforested Slieu Mooar Plantation (Larch dieback – Phytophthora ramorum) and keep your eye open for a sign on the left to Eary Cushlin. Turn onto this track and follow for about a mile to a carpark.
There will be somebody at the carpark to point you in the right direction, from 5pm through to 6:15pm.

Direct route:
From the carpark, walk straight down the gravel road. After about ten minutes, there is a style on your left which you take. (NB: The Raad Ny Foillan sign indicates you should continue down the track; ignore this and hop over the style.) Immediately turn right and follow the path to the headland and bear right. Take it easy at the headland as there is a bit of a drop. Enjoy the walk down to the beach – newly mown track – and at the north end of beach take the steps up back onto the coastal path through to Niarbyl. This walk will take between 45 and 60 minutes.

Via the Keill:
From the parking continue through the gate, past the YMCA cottage and follow the path contouring gently down the slope for about 25 minutes till the keill. On the return best to go back to the parking and then down as per the Direct route. From the parking to the Keill and back should take about 45 minutes.

There are one or two places where there is a bit of exposure; please exercise caution on the paths and the headlands.

Further, there are sheep in many of the fields along these paths; please keep you dogs under control, and remember that at Niarbyl dogs will be welcome – but have to stay outside!


The weather is looking good, so sounds like a fun evening!