Report on Legs Past and Legs to Come

Does anybody know which RNF leg we are on at present? No? Hardly surprising, with dodge-the-tide legs, dodge-the-rain legs, catch-up legs and somewhere in between, the normal Raad Ny Foillan Anti Clock Challenge legs.

And as the completion of the Challenge draws closer, how will we ever know who will be eligible for the much to be cherished Certificate? Well, we have a cunning plan, but you’ll have to read to the end to learn more.

This Sunday – and for the avoidance of doubt, I mean 2 December – there will be a repeat of the Peel to Niarbyl walk. The details are as follows:

Date                            Sunday 2 December
Meeting Point           Fenella Carpark, just before Peel Castle. Opposite the swing bridge. (NB: There is a road diversion to the Castle)
Time of Departure  10:00am
Walking time           +-3hours
Leaders                     Jae and Adrian Lester (ph 07810500882) (Pictures in the gallery below should provide a few hints on the route.)
Lunch                         Niarbyl Cafe, where some of use enjoyed the chowder, whilst other tucked into an enormous carvery!

It’s a great walk, lots of lovely views and a couple of hills to get the blood going – especially the first up to Corrin’s Folly.

The main reason for the scrambled walking programme is unfortunately we are in a cycle where we are hitting the high tides at midday! Which means that the two legs from Point of Ayre to Sartfield/Jurby and then down to Kirk Michael would have been impassable at the end of the October or November!  And the same applies to our next scheduled walk, 9 December. But by January, it looks like we should have enough time to get through from Point of Ayre to Sartfield before late afternoon hightide.

So, the future programme looks – for now – like this:

  • Sunday 2 December          Catchup Leg to Peel to Niarbyl
  • Sunday 9 December           Niarbyl, over Cronk Ny Arrey Laa to the Big Bend on the Sloc
  • Sunday 27 January ’19      Point of Ayre to Sartfield
  • Sunday 24 February          Sartfield to Kirk Michael
  • Sunday 31 March               Sloc Big Bend to Port Erin – The End!
  • Early April                             Challenge Celebration Party – tba

For those lucky enough to walk the Kirk Michael to Peel leg (official, advanced Leg) in October, the weather was glorious and as normal, Jennifer was there to capture lots of scenes. There is a full set of pictures on the Whats Up site.

Juliet and I were across at the end of October, so walked that leg early November with Andrew, Jo, Gina and Pam. Avoiding the tide on the beach, we walked along the old railway track from Glen Whyllian. But soon found ourselves taking to the road to avoid some serious water hazards on the track; what a difference a fortnight and a few cloudbursts make!

Whilst we were doing the KM to Peel, Jennifer and Jay and team were up in the north on the BallaGlass Glen to Ramsey catchup leg.

The week previous, we joined J&J to catchup Laxey to BallaGlass Glen. And were wowed by the wonder of the leaves as they turned; Cornaa on a  sunny autumn day is simply breathtaking.

And a few other matters to natter about:

Whats App Group:
This is proving very effective. If you haven’t joined the RNF Anti-Clock Challenge Whats App group, please speak / email me, Jennifer or Ron so we can add you to the group.  My contact details are at the foot of this post.

Challenge Celebration Party:
We are checking out venues and dates, and hope to hold our Challenge Celebration sometime in early April where all those who have “walked with us every step of the way” will be presented with their Raad Ny Foillan Certificates, medals to hang around the neck and – we hear it whispered – beautiful glassware! Those who haven’t managed all the legs will be welcome to join the fun, as well.

But who will be the proud recipients of the awards? This year we are going to do it differently; Intending lucky Certificate winners will need to self – certify that they have walked each leg and – more importantly – that they have paid for each leg.

More about the Challenge Celebration Party when logistics are a bit firmer.

Whats Next? One suggestion is to walk the island’s Glens, another, for summer the Millenium Way, from Skye Hill in the north, to Castletown. Probably divided up into two or three legs.

Another on my personal bucket list is to walk across the Morecombe Bay sands – with a guide I hasten to say. Any interested in this, please let me know. Could make a great weekend jaunt.

07770 608 900.

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Thanks as normal to Charlie, Cath and Jennifer for the wonderful pictures. And there are many more on the Whats App group.