Report RNF Leg3 – Derbyhaven to Port Soderick

Thirty seven walkers enjoyed the glorious weather from Derbyhaven through to Port Soderick. It really is a great walk, with many very attractive sections, although most will also remember the squelch of the mud going into Santon Gorge and again as we left the gorge on the way back to the coast. Ankle deep at some places, and with the gorse guarding both sides of the path, there weren’t too many ways to escape!

Malcolm and I had a quick word about taking a shortcut directly across the Santon River; it was a toss up, shorter, but get your feet wet crossing the river on the beach, or take the long way round – and the mud. We wimped; next time we’ll take the beach!

One thing that deserves mention was the state of the path just before Port Grenaugh; as the pictures below will show, its pretty heavily eroded and although the worst part was roped off with candystriped tape, there was no sign of any remedial work underway.

As we finally left the coast and headed inland, some found the slope challenging – but it was soon over and soon we met Gwen Kelly who had come with the company of her grandchildren straight from her Palm Sunday service to guide us across her farmlands. Many thanks Gwen, we really appreciate it.

Message from Chairman Ron:

We are thrilled that so many people are signing up for the Anti clock Raad Ny Foillan. Can we ask for your help?

We are having a flag day on Saturday 7th July and we would appreciate offers of help to wave a tin in Strand Street outside M&S. We are looking for volunteers to spare an hour or two so that we can both maximise our fundraising and also spread the word about the best charity no one’s heard of!! If you think you might be able to help please let me or Johnny know.

We have also produced an 88 page A5 fund raiser log of our clockwise walk and you might like one to give you a flavour of what’s to come. A couple of pages are illustrated below. If you would like to order one it will cost you £7.50. Again please let me know. We will have copies when next we meet so that you can have a skeet!

Plans for Leg4 – Port Soderick to Groudle Glen – please go to this post

Thanks to Ron and Pam for the great pictures of the day.