Report Leg5; Plans for Leg6 – Laxey to Ballaglass Glen, Sunday 1 July

Jennifer reports:

Another fantastically beautiful day on this jewel of an island in the middle of the Irish Sea! This time we walked along the stunning coastal path from Groudle Glen to Laxey….

Thank you for all your support speeders, strollers and sightseeing walkers!… 😊

Plans for Leg6

Start – Laxey Beachfront
Date – Sunday 1 July
Time – 10:00am
Leader – Kim – phone 390502

Thanks to Kim for stepping in to take up the Leadership, for the normal chaps are spread between South African and Sweden.

Kim is hoping to arrange with the Glen Mona Hotel  in Maughold to take in the hungry walkers for lunch; please indicate on the Entry Form if you’d like to stay for lunch.

And of course, please don’t forget to pay your £10/pp walk fee and encourage your friends to join.

Entries on the Form, as usual PLEASE; it makes it much easier for the Leader if she knows ahead of time who is coming!!

Enjoy the Walk (and some of us have a few to catch up now!)


PS: Jennifer has some wonderful pictures – but the internet in Cape Town is just too slow to download and list them all. Anybody like to offer to transfer the Smugmug pics to WordPress? Then we can set up the normal gallery of pictures from Leg5.

PPS: We moved the walk from this Sunday – 24 June to 1 July to avoid clashing with the Parish Walk. For those who didn’t pick up the change of plan, please accept my apologies!