Entry Form – RNF Anti-Clock Challenge – Leg9 – Ramsey to Point of Ayre, 30 September, 2018

To join, simply fill out the form below and send us your entry fee(s). We accept individual, group, family or corporate entries.

How many in walkers in your party?

And now for your payment (This is a charity event, after all!)

As soon as you have entered, please transfer your entry fee per details below:

Entry Fees

To pay your Raad Ny Foillan once off Registration fee of £10 per person (£500 per corporate entry of up to five walkers) and / or your payment for each Leg of the Raad Ny Foillan Challenge – £10 per person per RNF Leg – please deposit direct to our bank.

We don’t take money on the day of a walk, either in cash or cheque. We really do prefer all money to go straight to the Hospice at Home bank account at the Isle of Man Bank.

All walkers must please pay the £10/pp walk registration and £10/pp per leg. (And for those who walked the first RNF Challenge, no, unfortunately, our registration fee from that Challenge does not carry over to the Anti-Clock Challenge – we all have to register – and pay – again!)

 Pay Online

Isle of Man Bank
Account number        4229 8040
Sort                              55-91-10
Payee:                          Diana Princess of Wales Care at Home Trust
Reference                   Please clearly complete the Reference Box. Enter RNF followed by your name to ensure our Treasurer, Jennifer, knows who has sent money to the Trust.

This is an example of how to complete your Reference Box; you can simply edit the last character each subsequent month; and Jennifer will be very happy!


 Cheques by post to the Treasurer

If you aren’t able to do online transfers, please send your cheques, made out to Hospice at Home, Isle of Man to:

Jennifer Houghton,
14 Millenium Court
Queens Promenade
Douglas, Isle of Man

Please don’t forget to identify your cheque!

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