Plans for RNF Anti-Clock Leg 3 – Derbyhaven to Port Soderick – Sunday 25 March 2018



When we did this leg in May last year – Leg 11 – the sun was high and the Spring Squlls were out. It was really beautiful.




And who is to say we won’t enjoy the similar weather on 25 March, although it will be two months earlier!

The Chairman demonstrating his mastery of the natural world.

One of the highlights of this leg is that Gwen and Colin Kelly very kindly allow us across their lands, which means after Meary Veg we stay on the farm tracks, avoid the tramp along the road through Crogga Glen – and have to face down the cows!

Date               Sunday 25 March
Departure       10am
Meet               Carpark at Cafe 26, Derbyhaven
Walking time   -+3- 3.5 hours
Lunch  –          Picnic on the beach at Port Soderick (maybe with beanies and gloves – but at least the Rose will be well chilled!)

Please complete the Entry Form and don’t forget to deposit your walk fees of £10/pp to the H@H bank account – details are on the form. 

And please encourage your friends to join us; all are welcome; Registration Fees, £10/pp and walk fee, as above.

Its always nice to see walkers turn out to join us on the Raad Ny Foillan Challenge walks; but its even nicer if we know you are coming; so please fill in the Entry Form. And see, we have even supplied a big button below to make it easier for you!

Please complete the Entry Form


And finally – there is a suggestion that we push the June walk back a week till 1 July to avoid meeting the Parish Walk head-on! Sounds sensible, lets discuss on Sunday.