Next RNF Leg – Point of Ayre to Sartfield

Early morning at the Niarbyl Cafe before the start

Seems a long time ago now, but on 9 December 2018 we walked the penultimate leg of the Raad Ny Foillan Anti-Clock Challenge, from Niarbyl up and over Cronk Ny Arrey Laa and down to the big bend on the Sloc.

An image gallery at the foot of this post reprises the fun of the cold but happy day out in the winter sun.

Plans for Sunday 27 January – Point of Ayre to Sartfield

Meet at the Point of Ayre carpark – not at the lighthouse itself – at 10am
Lunch venue is not yet sorted, as there is a report on the Whats App group from Jenny D that the Guard House Cafe at Sartfield was undergoing refurbishment over the winter.
Duration – Probably three hours.
Leaders – Jenny & Jay (Contact number – 482793)

There are three more legs to the 2018 – 2019 Raad Ny Foillan Anti Clock Challenge with dates on the website programme,  A wrap up party is on the cards for presentation of the much-to-be-deisred Raad Ny Foillan Certificates and other awards and prizes, with date, time and venue to be advised. Again, please keep your eye on the Whats App group for the details.

And for those confused that having walked the “penultimate” walk we still have three to go; high tides meant we skipped the two legs from the Point of Ayre which we are now doing, this Sunday and on 24 February.

Whats App Group: For walkers interested in joining the walks organised by Hospice at Home, please do join the Whats App Group, by contacting Ron, Jennifer of Johnny or send a message via the Contact Form on this Website. (It would be much easier to simply put the link on the web – but there are so many “badbots” floating around now, we are not going down that route.)

When the Anti-Clock challenge is complete, we intend walking the Glens of the Isle of Man, starting with Dhoon Glen and hunt for the fairies!

Catch up Walks: Some of us – very keen to get our RNF Certificates (including Chairman Ron!) – need to complete various “Catch-up” legs. Last week Juliet and I did Leg2 which we missed last February. There will be various catch-ups going over the next two months with details on the Whats App group.

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And thanks, as always to Jenny, Kath and Jenny for their great pictures.