Leg9 Report and change of programme for Leg10

The happy crowd above turned what could have been a route march into a leisurely, albeit blustery, stroll along the beach from Ramsey to the Point of Ayre on Sunday 30 September.

I suspect this leg is not the most popular on the Raad Ny Foillan, mainly because the soft sand is tiring – and then you hit the shingle!

But its definitely not without its virtues as the scenery is quite spectacular, what with the towering sand cliffs and, the day we walked, the green sea topped with white horses!

All seemed to enjoy themselves, and as usual, thanks to Jennifer and her ubiquitous camera for capturing it all and encouraging the troops!


But even Jennifer’s watch didn’t quite capture the temperature when Juliet and Jo arrived at the finish.

On the Raad Ny Foillan walks Juliet normally occupies the position which in Tour de France terms is known as the Lanterne Rouge – ie, at the back, to make sure there aren’t any people left behind.

Normally, she catches up, but this time it didn’t happen and upon arrival at the PofA she delivered a swift, straightforward and timely lecture to all concerned that not only from a safety perspective, but also in keeping with the spirit of the RNF walks, the front runners need to stop from time to time to allow the backmarkers to catch up.

And its not just for domestic peace that I have to say I agree with her.

In future, please will the hares and the hounds at the front exercise restraint and stop from time to time so that all can converge, regroup and set off again.

And harmony can descend!







Plans for the next walk – Sunday 28 October, 2018

Unless we are all very strong swimmers, the tides are not in our favour for the next walk scheduled from Point of Ayre to Sartfield. So the Committee (wtmb) have determined that the next walk will be from Kirk Michael to Peel.

The plans are:

Date:   Sunday 28 October,
Meet: Parking next to the Mitre pub, Kirk Michael
Departure time: 10:00am
Lunch: The Creek, Peel.
Leader: Ron Spencer

As usual, please bring your friends, and have them pay their registration fees of £10pp and would all please ensure that you pay your walk fees of £10pp.

We now have a Whats App group for the RNF Walks; if you aren’t on the group and would like to be, please contact Ron, Jennifer or your scribe who will gladly add you to the list. We encourage all to join the Whats App group so that last minute changes can be circulated to all walkers.

In addition, instead of filling in the Entry form please send a note on Whats App to say you will be on the walk. We will always take a register at the start of each walk and your name will be faithfully recorded to ensure that those who have walked “every step of the way with us” will get their Certificate of Merit at the end!

Enjoy the walk next week.