Leg8 Report; Plans for Leg9, Ramsey to Point of Ayre

Well it was always going to happen; for over the two years the Raad Ny Foillan Walks have taken place – with one slightly damp exception – we have walked in relatively tranquil, dry beautiful Manx weather.

But, as you can judge from the picture above, on Leg8 from Ballaglass Glen through to Ramsey on the last Sunday of July, that magic mirage was shattered and we were well and truly hosed!

This really is one of the loveliest stretches of the entire Raad Ny Foillan – and it is great to enjoy it in sparkling sunshine as I did a couple of days earlier when seeking out an alternative to the Port e Vullan beach.

But this Leg8 brought out the spirit of the walk – and we all enjoyed it, notwithstanding the wet!

Plans for Leg9: – Ramsey to Point of Ayre

Date          : Sunday 26 August
Start time: 10am
Start point: Ramsey Square, around the corner from the Mitre Pub
Expected walking time: 3.5 hours
Walk Leader: Ron Spencer

Please sign the Entry Form, so that Ron knows who will be joining him on Leg9, don’t forget to pay your £10/pp and as always, please invite friends to join – and of course – to help swell funds for Hospice at Home, Isle of Man.

Picnic lunch on the beach at Point of Ayre; we think Paella Chris has left us for Ireland, unfortunately.

Enjoy the pictures of the last walk; thanks to Ron and to the Quirks for their pictures.

And if you are thinking that the pictures in the gallery below look a little windswept and waterlogged; you are right! Hope your camera survived the ordeal, Ron?