Leg7 Report; Plans for Leg8, Ballaglass Glen – Ramsey, Sunday 29 July

Jennifer reported
Thank you for a wonderful and memorable evening! It was a perfect walk with a perfect finish…
And from Ron “Great walk, great company and great weather. What a fantastic evening. ” Andrew “Hear, Hear!
Sounds like a wonderful evening – the pictures in the gallery below tell the story.
We will arrange a reprise for those who missed it!

Plans for Leg8, Ballaglass Glen – Ramsey
Start: Carpark at Ballaglass Glen
Time: 10:00am
Finish: Town Square, Ramsey
Lunch: The Mitre Pub, Ramsey
Expected walking time – 3 -4 hours.

This walk is most enjoyable – but has one obstacle; Port e Vullan Beach. The tide ls likely to prevent us crossing the beach and to get down – after the beach – back to the coastal path will need access via some private garden. Juliet and I will trying to find an agreeable landowner in the next few days, but if unsuccessful, we will have to bypass about a mile of attractive coastal path. Fingers crossed.

Looking forward to meeting with the team, again, on Sunday.

As usual, please don’t forget to pay your entry fees of £10 online, encourage your friends to join – and remind them that there is an extra £10 to pay to join the Anti-Clock challenge – and complete the Entry Form here (Yes, the form is back!)

Enjoy the pictures of the Langness Evening Stroll, glorius colours, wonderful cloud formations.

Thanks to Jennifer for the pictures.